We create innovative furniture solutions for learning and working environments. Woods Furniture NZ believes furniture that is functional and comfortable can improve productivity and collaboration every day. Our products are designed with cognitive, behavioural and ergonomic considerations in mind, to improve learning and working outcomes for our customers.

Woods furniture is made with human movement in mind – it is intuitive and allows people to be flexible, adaptable and stimulated in their learning or work space. Many of our pieces are purpose built to be multi-functional, mobile and work either individually or in numerous collaborative formations, just as the people who use them do every day.

We understand our New Zealand customers and the environments they are trying to create, working closely with them to design functional furniture and spaces that work for their specific needs.

Our clients include pre-schools, kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, tertiary institutions, workplaces and public spaces throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We are Woods.