At Woods, we believe that education is of the utmost importance – not just for the children of today but for our world tomorrow.

This belief has driven our team, for over half a century, to study how children learn – from a behavioral, ergonomic and cognitive perspective – to develop furniture that is flexible, adaptable and stimulating.

It’s this philosophy that inspires our intelligently designed range of furniture from desks to seating, soft furnishings to storage for both students and teachers alike.

At Woods, we’re for flexible learning.

Product range

Seating Solutions

The Woods Educational Furniture range offers seating for your school including seating for classrooms, science, art, music, computer seminars and conferences.

Security Lockers

The Woods Educational Furniture Security Locker range and storage solutions are available in numerous configurations, to suit any school environment from corridors to sporting facilities.

Student Desks

Woods Educational Furniture manufactures a range of tables and desks including classroom tables, computer desks, workstations, staff desks, meeting tables, multi purpose benches and adjustable tub desks.

Our Accreditations

Health & Safety 18001 PMS3282

Woods Furniture are proud to meet the global ISO 9001 Standards. By implementing best practice in management control, business practices, operation performance, communication and coordination we are able to achieve a consistent level of service and product delivery.





When a product is certified against Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)’s Furniture standards, consumers can be sure that the product has been assessed to meet environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria. GECA certification removes doubt and confusion and makes identifying environmentally and socially preferable products easier.

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Partner companies

In addition to the Woods brand of products, we hold the prestigious manufacturing rights for Australia and New Zealand for V/S products from Germany.

Catering to students at all levels far and wide

Woods supplies furniture to pre-schools, kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and tertiary institutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Setting the standard

Woods Student Chairs conform to the highest Standards: AS/NZS 4610.2, AS/NZS 4610.3, ISO 5970and EN 1729.


image-d1Woods observes all relevant Australian and International Standards in the design of its school furniture range to ensure both quality and practicality are met. With a large range of products tested and approved by AFRDI, we are able to confidently Guarantee our furniture for 10 years.

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Business partners

Woods Furniture proudly supports the Education Sector throughout Australia by maintaining business partnerships with the following: