AFRDI Green Accreditation List

Woods furniture has been designed and built to the highest standards since 1953, and we are proud of the accreditations our products have achieved.


Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute

Voluntarily obtaining AFRDI Green Tick Certification provides confidence to purchasers, specifiers, architects, builders and designers that Woods Furniture is committed to minimising the harmful impacts to the environment.

To be awarded AFRDI Green Tick Certification, a product must be shown to meet the requirements of AFRDI Standard 150:2012 Sustainability Standard – Commercial Furniture
The reason Woods Furniture selected AFRDI Green Tick to confirm our sustainability credibility stems from the program being developed solely for the furniture industry. This ensures every piece of furniture we manufacture meets a robust yet realistic level of sustainability.

These Woods’ products have achieved AFRDI Green Tick accreditation:

Adjusta T Leg Double
Adjusta T Leg Single
Byte Table
Conundrum Bench
Conundrum Table
Cuneus Table
Curvatus Table
DuraPos 4 Point Chair Junior
DuraPos 4 Point Chair Senior
DuraPos Art Stool
DuraPos Drafting Stool
DuraPos Gas-Lift Swivel Chair Junior
DuraPos Gas-Lift Swivel Chair Senior
Eureka Bench
Eureka Classroom Table
Eureka Computer Desk
Flexi Flip Table
Hokki Stool
Intensive Teaching Table
Iris Table
LupoGlide Art Stool
LupoGlide Junior

LupoGlide Senior
LupoGlide Science Stool
Mobile Storage Porter – Types A, B & C
Panto Drafting Stool
PantoFlex Junior
PantoFlex Senior
PantoMove 3D Junior
PantoMove 3D Senior
Penta Table
Personal Lockable Storage A Series
Personal Lockable Storage B Series
Personal Lockable Storage C Series
Personal Lockable Storage D Series
Personal Lockable Storage G Series
Personal Lockable Storage H Series
RM Chair
Robur Table
Trapezium Table
Triquetra Table
Wave Table
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