Gate Pa School

Case Study

Gate Pa school is a two storey school built in 1951 with two very long corridors and 8 classrooms accessed via the corridors on each level. The 3 spaces we worked with Woods were year 3/4 classrooms with up to 30 students in each.

Over the last 5 years we have modernised each single classroom space with improved acoustics, heating, wall linings and flooring. They are still single cell spaces which suits the needs of our students and teachers. This created a warm, quiet and attractive learning environment.

The biggest difference made to this environment has been the provision of modern furniture. Each classroom teacher had input into colours, chairs, tables high and low, teaching stations and storage units. They also visited other schools and trialled different items if they were unsure of.

Woods Furniture [Mark] liaised with our staff constantly to ensure what was purchased met everyone’s needs. He gave advice, showed other options and ensured the capital outlay was excellent value. The supply and installation went smoothly we are very pleased with the overall result.

I have no hesitation in recommending Woods to other schools. They provide a quality product, service and worked very well in collaboration with our staff.