Pillans Point School

Case Study

Creating effective learning environments at Pillans Point School

Pillans Point needed to optimise a modern learning environment to be used by multiple teachers and a large number of children. They asked Woods Furniture to match the learning space with the needs of their team, using furniture to create the divide in spaces.

Christine Shearer, Assistant Principal & Team Leader Yr 1 & 2, says the environment is effective in many ways. “For the teachers, we have constant professional dialogue. For the children it’s wonderful, they can form relationships with four or five different teachers. There’s so many different spaces for them to work in. The furniture is integral – we need to have furniture that suits different learning styles and works with more children.”

“It’s all to do with the nature of multiple teachers and multiple kids working together… The importance of the furniture was to create the divide in the spaces…”   Principal, Matt Simeon