South Hornby School

Case Study

Focus on the learning experiences 

When South Hornby School in Christchurch began the daunting process of furnishing a brand new school, they decided to leave the design thinking to Woods Furniture.  Rather than thinking about furniture, Principal Simon Moriarty, focused on explaining their vision for the teaching and learning experience in each space and left Woods’ Design Team to come up with the solutions. By all acounts, he’s very happy with the outcome.

Says Simon “We were extremely impressed by the results that we got. They got back to us with solutions that met every learning need that we could possibly desire in our learning spaces. They’ve been designed with our students in mind and they encompass a whole wide range of learning approaches.”

Watch our video with Simon, Kirsten Harris-Tatana (Deputy Principal), Richard Breach (Assistant Principal) and student Sarah.

Duputy Principal Kristen Harris-Tatana adds, “since we’ve moved into the new space I’ve found that the furniture has been very versatile to respond to the children’s learning needs. So the cubbies, they’ll go there if they want to be working by themselves or with one other child and have a quiet space. Or they’ll go into a break out space if they want to be a little bit noisier. It really caters for their individual needs.