Tairua School

Case Study

Tairua School’s roll has doubled over the past 8 years and, in recent years, spaces including the library and multipurpose room were used as classrooms.

We wanted to create a unique space for our learners that provided them with options that best suit their needs. The design of these classrooms allows us to operate the space as an open concept classroom and close it off to create single units when required. In addition to this the classrooms allow for easy flow around and between classrooms, with a communal space linking all three rooms.

The key elements we looked for when purchasing our school furniture was that it must be robust and meet the needs of our teaching practice. The furniture we selected creates multiple spaces for kids to work in either small groups, as individuals, or in ‘camp fire styled’ settings for instructional tutorials.

These ‘camp fire settings’ have been a hit with our teachers and students and supports our instructional/tutorial styled teaching pedagogy. In addition to this, soft seating options have also been included for appropriate tasks and, above all else, space to spread out and interact throughout the day. I would also add that we keep the environment clutter free, and have resisted the urge to load it with stuff.

I was well impressed with the team from Woods Furniture. Their ability to listen to our ideas and comprehend what we’re trying to achieve is evident in what was achieved. Highly professional and supportive, they provided ideas, initiatives and options that essentially enhanced this learning space into what is not just a stunning space, however, highly practical.

Their concept drawings and renders gave a clear indication of this space would look like when the furniture was in place.
Because of this, the right decisions were made resulting in happy teachers and happy students.

Yes I would recommend Woods Furniture for a couple of simple reasons. Their products are diverse in nature and will ultimately meet your needs. Communication was prompt and informative throughout the process.

Brendan Finn, Principal