Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School

Case Study

Collaborative learning spaces and how Woods Furniture accommodates the new style of teaching and learning

Principal Mel Bland discusses changes in pedagogy and how furniture has had to become more flexible in order to accommodate this. Woods Furniture NZ worked alongside Te Uho o te Nikau School to develop flexible, purposeful spaces and furniture.  With a range of different learning spaces, the children can choose where they want to sit, and select furniture that suits their preferences.

“Woods were really helpful and collaborated with us. They presented us with a package and then we negotiated, over several meetings, until we came up with what we believed would meet our school’s vision – what would be functional, what would help kids learn, what would help teachers teach. Woods supported that whole journey.”  Mel Bland, Principal

“It’s great having so much space and furniture that we can move a lot. A lot of it’s on wheels so you can customise it, you can change it”.  Laurie Power, Yr 3-4 Teacher

Student Choices – different students, different favourites – for a variety of different reasons.

Different Sizing Options – Mel discusses how this helps support individual learning preferences.

Favourites – Mel outlines her favourite pieces of furniture, and tells us what makes them so special.

Staff mindset – how to get the most benefit from your flexible furniture.