Waipahihi School

Case Study

Our newly developed discovery centre that is featured here came from the work of us reviewing the placement and use of the old library centre. The initial aim is for it to be utilised by all levels of the school in a way that is flexible and accessible by all at any time – while still have a base allocation of home room time.

The key elements we looked for when purchasing our school furniture was

Quality, fit for purpose, a range of different elements and a collaborative planning approach between the supplier and ourselves to find the solution that meets the needs and vision of our space and place!

Woods invested the time to visit, listen, go away and design and liaise further until we reached the solution that was the best for us within the space and budget that we had.

We would recommend Woods Furniture to other schools because they have a genuine intent to put a range of elements together to find the solution fit for our place and our budget.

Schools today need spaces that are seen, and can be utilised, in a variety of ways. The right furniture solution plays a huge part in that and Woods team of high level of interest and connection to the solution plays a big part in getting it right!