Corporate Sentinel Panels

The Sentinel Panels are a freestanding acoustic panel that can be used as a single screen placed strategically around your room to absorb and diffuse sound. Alternatively, group them together to create a barrier between workspaces with the extra benefits that come from reduced reverberations. The Sentinel Panels can also be used as a notice board or pin board.

Made from recycled plastic bottles and other waste they are lightweight, durable, low maintenance, and sustainable.

Panel – 1200mm(H) x 400mm(W)
Overall Height – 1600mm


Durable hardwearing scratch resistant powder coated steel frame.

  • Textura Black
    Textura Black Finish
  • Textura White
    Textura White Finish

Corporate Desk Fabric

  • Ash
    Ash Finish
  • Platinum
    Platinum Finish
  • Snow
    Snow Finish