Edumax™ Primary Teaching Unit

It is far more than ‘just a big book stand’ and can easily be moved around the classroom for use at various activity stations either by teachers or students.



Available in the following dimensions (mm):

Sturdy Construction

Strong and safe featuring a low centre of gravity and made with 18mm laminated MDF. Other features include: practical big book cavity, convenient rear hanging rail, generous book box storage and heavy duty castors.

With proper care it will prove to be an invaluable resource in your classroom for many years to come.

It can be used for both whole group and small group instruction across all curriculum areas.

Porcelain Whiteboard

Premium quality, vitreous porcelain magnetic whiteboard 800 x 900mm. Easy to clean and great for magnetic letter use. Backed with a commercial whiteboard for storing magnetic letters and writing evaluative notes.

Hold Ups

Unique Hold Up system – holds multiple sheets of paper. It’s invaluable for wall stories, for use with large sheets of paper as a flip chart and to hold the clear PVC overlay sheet. The ‘no lip’ tilted book ledge won’t tear pages of valuable big books.



This is a medium density fibreboard bonded on both sides with hard wearing melamine decorative surface. The wood content used is 60% pre-consumer recycled and 40% reclaimed silviculture fibre. ABS edging to match top surface colour or black edge. These tops contain no PVC.

  • Raw Birchply Finish
    Raw Birchply
  • Oyster Grey Finish
    Oyster Grey
  • Portsea Finish
  • Juicy Finish
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