Classroom Chairs

Student well-being is a big factor in the modern teaching space. Student seating but classroom chairs in particular need to not only be functional but promote a sense of well-being for the students in order for them to learn to the best of their ability. In the 21st century a significant opportunity exists for maximizing learning opportunities and creating meaningful spaces by rethinking the design of the learning space. This can begin with the chairs in which students sit on.

Choose The Perfect School Chair For Your Classroom

Woods Furniture provide a selection of student chairs ranging from German designed Ergo-dynamic chairs that promote good posture to stools for the active student.

What to look for when choosing the right classroom chair for your learning space?

  1. Functional – a chair needs to have a purpose whether that’s in an art studio, school hall or science lab. The functionality of the chair needs to suit the learning space it is in. The Rata stool is perfect for the collaborative learning space with its continuously adjustable height and can be used not only for the students but also the Teacher. The compass linking chair is also an extremely versatile and functional chair that can be used in school halls or as an individual study carrel
  2. Durable – Woods Furniture uses quality materials to maintain safe and durable products that have a long lifespan. Take the Hokki stool. Its unique design is not only eye catching but it is made out of super tough polypropylene and made out of 100% recycled materials. It is also UV stable.
  3. Portable – The Durapos chair range has been developed with a linking system in place to allow for easy stacking when not in use. Their design also makes them easy to move around as student’s transition to small group work or back to their own spaces for independent work.
  4. Comfortable – The concept of sitting in a comfortable chair that doesn’t promote good posture is long gone. The Panto Flex chair has been designed to mould to the body and encourage correct posture and muscle position. It also allows for air flow keeping students comfortable in all climates. The RM chair also provides flexibility for student movement yet remains stable and comfortable.
  5. Modern design – No one likes a boring chair, all of chairs designed by Woods furniture are created with the modern learning space in mind. They provide a range of colour choices for flexibility with how you want your learning space to look. From vibrant colours like coastal blue and orange to avocado or midnight.

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