Students can’t sit still? Matua Ngaru encourage them to wobble.

Matua Ngaru School in Auckland worked with Woods Furniture to create environments that better nurtured student led learning – supporting their physical learning preferences and interests.

They created comfortable learning spaces that give children the flexibility to learn however they prefer to. Students choose a work environment that suits them and the Hokki Stool (or ‘Wobble Stool’) has been a clear favourite, allowing children to use that energy in a constructive way.  Watch how the new environment has benefitted both staff and students.

“They absolutely love the wobble stool, not just the little ones the older ones too… while they are wobbling around they are then able to focus on what’s going on with their group or the learning coach.”  Diana Wilkes, Principal.

The Hokki Stool is ergonomically designed so the user can move while sitting, increasing attention span, blood flow and strengthening lumber muscles.

Available in different sizes for younger and older students, it is also lightweight to carry and can be stacked. Teachers love that they can pick from 4 different colours and ‘code’ their rooms so their stools don’t get lost and that the Hokki Stool has a great sustainability profile being 100% recyclable.

Woods’ innovatively designed pieces are multi-functional, so the furniture is not static, it can be moved around the room into many different formations depending on task and need.

Modern, flexible school furniture is based on ‘student led learning, and has totally revolutionised the way we teach and the way our kids learn. Our bodies and brains were never supposed to sit still all day. If you enter any innovative learning environment the children will tell you they love furniture that allows them to move because it lets them learn in ways that work for them.

According to Kate Davison who teaches Years 0-3, finding a product that was highly durable, robust and would last with large classes of vibrant 5 year olds was important. “The furniture is really great for our little ones, we have got 112 learners here and we need really hard wearing stuff obviously…you can imagine what 5 year olds are like on furniture! We have had it here for 3 terms now and it still looks brand new.”

The Hokki Stool

Great for active learners, this ergonomic stool has been designed to absorb and encourage movement, while improving concentration of the child enabling better learning. The Hokki Stool also supports the motor and musculo-skeletal development of growing children through the convex shape of the base

  • Increases attention span, allows mobility while seated
  • Increases blood flow to the brain and body through seated posture
  • Movement strengthens lumber muscles
  • Abdominal core passively tightened as child moves on stool
  • Is durable, has a 10 year guarantee
  • Is lightweight to move and stackable
  • Comfortable seat pad
  • Available in different sizes to suit all ages
  • 4 vibrant colour options
  • 100% recyclable and UV stable
  • Made from super tough, easy to clean polypropylene

Colour Options

  • Cobalt (380mm & 460mm)
  • Orange (310mm, 380mm & 460mm)
  • Raspberry (380mm & 460mm)
  • Midnight (460mm & 520mm)